Recruiting Begins When Someone Says “No”

By: Rosemary Gantz

Great recruiters RECRUIT. They’ve researched potential candidates before they call, they learn about current situational dynamics at the companies where people are employed and they thoroughly understand the role about which they’re calling. A great recruiter can quickly find the value proposition for a potential candidate – IF it makes sense…AND will clearly call out when it doesn’t. A great recruiter exudes authenticity in their conversations with potential candidates…and has the ability to attract talent. The “right” person will often say NO the first time approached about a new role…but a great recruiter can create a vision of the future that will cause the “right” person to say “Hmmm…” And THAT is what makes the difference.

When hiring an executive search firm, we recommend leaders ask about the recruiting skills on the team and for examples of when they turned a “NO” into a “YES” to recruit the perfect hire for a client.