This is the common goal of every company we work with and every candidate we meet. Flourish. In fact, we believe that this is what makes the difference between good and great for all of us.

And when you encounter someone or something flourishing, it’s obvious isn’t it? Happy, vigorous, productive. The mission of our company – and what we hope to accomplish with every single executive search we complete – is to create connections that flourish. Our feedback tells us that this is just what we’re doing.

We’d love to help you make these talent connections. May you always flourish.


What we do for clients

If we’ve worked with you before, we are so happy to continue working with you to fill important talent needs. If you’re new to McIntyre, thanks for trying something new. We want to make a positive difference in the growth and success of your organization. We work as your partner – we get invested in your outcomes, we learn your business, we become great brand representatives in the marketplace.

Here are a few things to know about us…

We are systems thinkers.

We start every search by first learning about you – as the leader, as a team, as a company. We believe that the best hire – the right hire – has to benefit the whole. We use a lean process and create a search strategy and timeline to lead the way.

We respect your time.

We customize our updates, reports and process to align with your needs. As a rule, we try to keep things simple and to one page.

We search the world, not just LinkedIn.

We love LinkedIn, just like every other recruiter. But we work to discover the unseen, connect to the uninterested, reach those who are hard to reach. We seek continuous technical training and are fearless sourcers.

We believe recruiting starts when someone tells you “No.”

We know that part of our job is to help others see the potential before they see you. Our job is to attract those who are not searching today for a role we believe they will love tomorrow.

We share other “perfect fit” talent when we find it.

We’re bound to find other leaders while working on your behalf; we present these candidates using a tiered approach on our slates so that your time and our efforts are best leveraged with every assignment.

What we do for candidates

McIntyre is extremely selective when vetting candidates. If you have been selected as a potential candidate, congratulations. Our process is thorough and results in placements that flourish for both our clients and the candidates.

If this process is new for you or we’re new to you,
here are some things we’d like to share…

The quality of your experience is important to us.

And to our clients. We will follow up with you, keep the process as transparent as possible and have honest and clear conversations throughout your search. We’ve been in your shoes, we know how it feels.

We are good coaches.

We want the opportunity to be right for you, your family and your career. We will help you evaluate the details of a new role to make sure it’s the right fit.

We will help you feel prepared at every stage of the process.

You’ll always know the next step, where you’re going and who you’re meeting with before you get there. We think the best interviews start with proper introductions.

We value a relationship with you.

Whether our first opportunity to work together results in a new role or not, we want to stay connected to you for advice, insight and future opportunities. The world is a small place, and we’re happy to know you.