flourish-defThis is the common goal of every company we work with and every candidate we meet. Flourish. In fact, we believe that this is what makes the difference between good and great for all of us. 
And when you encounter someone or something flourishing, it’s obvious isn’t it? Happy, vigorous, productive. The mission of our company – and what we hope to accomplish with every single executive search we complete – is to create connections that flourish. Our feedback tells us that this is just what we’re doing.
We’d love to help you make these talent connections. 

May you always flourish,

Cookie McIntyre, CEO


Supporting the urban farm project

Meet Ro Gantz, McIntyre Global Executive Search Managing Director. Ro’s passion for organic gardening and interest in helping returning military veterans resulted in a big idea – an inner city urban farm partnered with the Community Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry.
Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean